The "Ghostbot" will save you from unwanted interactions with carefully crafted replies

Burner, a mobile app that protects your privacy by setting you up with a disposable phone number, is launching a new bot. The service from Los Angeles start-up, Adhoc Labs, allows you to use as many phone numbers as you need for messaging, calling and voice mail in order to keep your real one unknown. The burner number can be deactivated at any point, simultaneously deleting any data stored on your phone.

Aptly named, Ghostbot, is aimed at online daters to take care of unwanted interactions. The bot is a natural extension for an app that is already widely used within online dating. By connecting the intelligent virtual ghost to your burner number, you allow it to act as an assistant, sending off witty replies to those you don’t have time for or really just don’t care for. It is no secret that many “potential” dates often turn out to be rude or make unwanted advances that are just plain awkward and uncomfortable.

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