Opt for brief recaps of online articles you don't have time to read with the TL;DR Chrome extension

Google, ever-aware of consumers’ decreasing attention spans and the rise of snack-able content, has introduced a new Chrome extension aimed at readers pressed for time to get their fix of online articles. The extension is aptly named “TL;DR”, an acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” 

Billed by Google as “SparkNotes, but for any web article,” the extension offers summaries of varying lengths, allowing the reader to choose between small, medium or large rehashes. To use TL;DR, simply load an article and highlight the portion of text you’re looking to breakdown. With a click of the TL;DR icon, a window will appear with your customized summary, complete with the original story length and the number of sentences to which it has been reduced. TL;DR was originally developed by students at the University of California, Berkeley as a part of a hackathon.

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