An eco-friendly box uses a frozen core and rechargeable batteries to fan you down

Geizeer is a small, portable, eco-friendly box. The alternative to air-conditioners and fans runs on just one penny a day. The little box packs a reusable cooling element (you can cool it in the freezer) inside a wood insulator. When everything clicks in place, Geizeer activates a USB-battery operated fan. The cool air escapes from the vents on every side of the cube.

Each Geizeer should be able to cool a room of about 12 square meters. It's not enough power to replace a full-on air conditioner, of course, but it is a simple, energy and cost efficient alternative that could be perfect in smaller environments, like a New York or San Francisco apartment. You can pre-order one of your own on Kickstarter, starting at €85 (or about $97).

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