This portable food heater can provide adventurers with an easy way to produce a hot meal

If you're on the go and yearning for something more than a pre-made snack, you're in luck. Whether you jive with the outdoors, or scramble to get to the office on an empty stomach, Wayv’s Adventurer offers anyone a steamy meal wherever, whenever. The portable microwave stands at a mere 305mm tall and 128mm wide, and weighs in at a measly 1.2kg, making it the perfect companion for grueling, food-deprived journeys and commutes.


Powering the gadget is flexible, you can either recharge the batteries with a power outlet, car charger or solar panel, further cementing the Adventurer’s title as the ultimate camping companion. It's easy to envision the device being used in military and humanitarian emergency situations to rescue and preserve lives in danger.

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