A very Instagram-friendly eatery has opened in Monaco for the second year in a row

Design lovers will get the chance to experience a mix colors and flavors this summer, as the Grimaldi Forum in the principality of Monaco hosts the Pantone Cafe, a color–coordinated eatery where each menu item matches a specific hue.

The cafe’s menu features a colorful array of sandwiches, salads, pastries, and cocktails, and everything from the decor to the menu items matches a specific Pantone color. Some items are named after the color of an ingredient—like 13-0221 Pistachio Green for a pistachio éclair. Other items in the menu include 18-1660 Tomato Red Mozza White (tomato and mozzarella sandwich), 16-1364 Vibrant Orange (orange juice), and 18-1664 Lays Red (chips). The café itself is styled in 18-1764 Monte Carlo Red, and the cups, napkins, packaging and coffee machines all come in Pantone colors, too.

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