Lampless lamp uses your phone as a source of light and can be controlled by hand gestures

Two main things usually sit on a modern dweller's night stand: a lamp and their mobile phone. Most smartphone users keep their phone nearby—even when they are charging—and at times browse through them before falling asleep.

Now, a design team has decided to merge the two items into one in a clever design described as a “lampless lamp.” The UpLamp uses a smartphone as its light source.

To use it, a person simply plugs their phones in to charge and lets the lamp do the rest. It uses the smart phone's flash and users can sync their desired settings with an app. Gesture commands also create added convenience. Users can clap their hands to turn the light on or off and snooze the alarm. Waving at the lamp will also dim or brighten the lights. Users can also set a timer for the lamp to dim down completely after they doze off. The device also includes “advanced optics and carefully crafted glowing plastic resin,” as the team's Kickstarter page explains.

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