Touchscreen storytelling helps gamers experience the daily life of someone with post traumatic stress disorder

There is a new genre of games that has sprung up the past few years. Instead of purely focusing on providing a fun and mindless experience for gamers, this genre addresses trauma and tells many an unforgettable story. Pry is the forerunner of this genre and its purpose is to open the world of PTSD for deeper exploration and examination. It is available on the App store as a “book to watch and film to touch.”

The protagonist of Pry is a Gulf War veteran who returned to civilian life six years prior. The game explores James’ mind as he struggles to live with PTSD. Users have control over James’ life. They can read his thoughts or look back on his memories—they even have control over the movement of his eyes. Yet, it is a constant battle for the user to live within the mental confines that are a result of his past.

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