Send Your Colleagues A Chat Message At The Push Of A Button

Send Your Colleagues A Chat Message At The Push Of A Button

Hardware that uses the chat service Slack blurs the lines between physical and digital

Lara Piras
  • 13 june 2016

SlackAlert is a new addition to workplace chat platform Slack. Built by interactive agency Viget, the button enables physical interactions without having to even be in front of a screen.

SlackAlert button1.JPG

Users can send and receive digital messages while on the go by simply pressing the button when in close proximity. Built via the powerful Photon development kit, a pre-programmed message will then be sent directly to fellow employees within the app. This idea has the potential to be used in emergencies, for example if someone is locked in a stairwell or more simply when they’re ready for a meeting and in the appropriate room or to signal the beginning of a party.

SlackAlert button3.jpg

In tying with this hyper-digital concept, the casing and mount of SlackAlert are 3D­ printed using translucent and opaque ABS filament. The software runs on the Screenless framework, also created by Viget, which connects the circuit board and web application that ultimately integrates with Slack. From there, users can choose which organization and individual room they’d like to link up to SlackAlert.

SlackAlert button2.jpg

SlackAlert was initially created to solve an office challenge but evolved to become a completely customizable hardware solution for Slack users. In order to share SlackAlert with a wide audience, the project is open­ source from its hardware components to the internal software.


This idea taps into the Internet of Things, as it allows an everyday object, in this case a button, to have network connectivity and transmit data from one source to the next. It also signifies a more connected future workplace where employees can be in constant contact and communicate more fluidly and with ease. One major brand that’s doing this already is, of course, Amazon, with its Dash hardware, where Prime members can restock on household favorites at the touch of the button.

Expect to see additional brands and retailers roll out this function this year.


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