A show company is encouraging runners to trade distance covered for gourmet meals

In an effort to drum up publicity for a new collection of Eliorun shoes, sneaker brand Kalenji utilized a different motivational approach to galvanize would-be runners: the reward of an extravagant dinner at the 6 Paul Bert restaurant in Paris paid for in kilometers logged while wearing the shoes.

In partnership with agency Rosapark, the aptly-titled #EatYourRun campaign impelled the journalists who received the shoes to get out and run, with their acquired “currency” redeemable for dishes such as a “relay of horseradish, cabbage and beetroot” (12.4 km) and “lavender, soaked but happy, yuzu, malt” (8.0 km).  For those journalists unable to hit the trail — not from lack of desire, but due to time constraints before the meal — Kalenji assured them a spot at the table as well: “No one will be deprived from dinner!”

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