What Does A Social Network Just For The Super Rich Look Like?

What Does A Social Network Just For The Super Rich Look Like?

A platform under Credit Suisse offers exclusive networking for high net worth individuals

Ido Lechner, Home Editor
  • 20 june 2016

Described as the ‘velvet-rope investment club for the wealthiest people in the world,’ Clade is a new social network for high net worth individuals, specifically those with nine figures and over. Formerly growing under the name Eleven, for investment bank Credit Suisse’s (the originator of the network) bank address at 11 Madison Avenue in New York City, the name has since switched to something presumably more aristocratic. The term ‘clade’ itself describes a branch on the tree of life, or a group of people who have things in common.

Not much is known about Clade for now – the bank has declined to comment for outlets across the board. That said, we do know that Jonathan Lipton and Jan Oliver Koelble, who both held senior roles at Credit Suisse, are now listed as co-founders of Clade & Co. on their LinkedIn profiles. The network will revolve around partnerships for investments, philanthropic ventures and deals related to arts and culture.

Within the circle, goods and services will include social networking, auctions, business management and consultation, fundraising and investment advice, and brokerage services for luxury items such as wine, jewelry, cars, boats and yachts. Of course the ‘800-pound gorilla in the room, especially this time of year’ as an anonymous source close to the projects puts it, is that the rich will also convene to discuss politics and make moves to influence outcomes.

Whether you’ll be hearing more about Clade will remain up to the company itself and how much information they wish to disclose. Efforts to attract high net worth individuals won’t rely on traditional media channels, and as such the general public may be left entirely out of the loop. Only time will tell whether this is the last time you hear about Credit Suisse’s new social network.


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