This Startup Plans To Reinvent Wi-Fi For The Home

This Startup Plans To Reinvent Wi-Fi For The Home

Routers could be a thing of the past if this company's product succeeds in its aim to become a key part of the internet's future

Lara Piras
  • 22 june 2016

The process of connecting to the Internet within our homes, has, for the past 10 years, remained relatively unchanged. New company Plume has designed a product that has the potential to change the way consumers connect to Wi-Fi.

Instead of installing a router or numerous boxes throughout the house, Plume’s system, set to launch this fall, is a collection of small, unassuming “pods” that deliver high-speed internet access. Dubbed the world’s first self-optimizing Wi-Fi, these devices plug into a power outlet in every room where connection is needed and sync with the assisting app so users can control them remotely. The app, which takes only a couple of minutes to set up, communicates with the Plume Cloud which acts as the storage area and dashboard where users can invite guests to join the network.

What sets this concept apart from the current, humble router system is the technology within it. The Plume team calls it, ‘Adaptive Wi-Fi,’ “a deeply distributed, whole-home Wi-Fi solution that dynamically responds to varying Wi-Fi conditions.” It constantly scans for interference and redirects the connection if problems arise, ensuring a constant flow of good quality roaming.

Plume connected Wi-Fi2 self-optimizing Wi-Fi

The Plume system has some clear benefits, from speedy, reliable Internet access to a sleeker, less obtrusive design. And at $49 it doesn’t appear overpriced or to cost much more than a normal system would to install. Eero is another startup doing something similar. Again focused on improving the quality of Wi-Fi, it instead provides connection in dead spaces around the home as a single router can’t provide enough bars to cover the whole house. Whichever startup wins over consumers first, expect to see at-home Wi-Fi systems finally get an upgrade, and soon.



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