Routers could be a thing of the past if this company's product succeeds in its aim to become a key part of the internet's future

The process of connecting to the Internet within our homes, has, for the past 10 years, remained relatively unchanged. New company Plume has designed a product that has the potential to change the way consumers connect to Wi-Fi.

Instead of installing a router or numerous boxes throughout the house, Plume's system, set to launch this fall, is a collection of small, unassuming “pods” that deliver high-speed internet access. Dubbed the world's first self-optimizing Wi-Fi, these devices plug into a power outlet in every room where connection is needed and sync with the assisting app so users can control them remotely. The app, which takes only a couple of minutes to set up, communicates with the Plume Cloud which acts as the storage area and dashboard where users can invite guests to join the network.

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