VR store lets shoppers wander through and explore memorabilia from NBA star's career

Not too long ago, PSFK took shoppable video out for a spin, imagining how adding an item to the cart straight off a model’s back can shake up the digital advertising paradigm. By integrating ‘cinematographic commerce’ into their campaigns, brands saw an increase in conversion, engagement and click-through rates, meaning the ‘touch-to-buy’ model proved to be an effective marketing tactic. Fast-forward a couple months and a new player has entered the market. Narrative_ is a creative agency that prides itself in its unique ability to tell immersive stories across a breadth of platforms. With a unique blend of strategy, innovation, product development, and cultural awareness, the firm produces enchanting brand stories that act as drivers for their partners’ activation campaigns. Such is the case with two of their recent virtual reality user journeys, “’Twas the Flight Before Christmas” and the release of the Curry Ones and Curry Twos sneaker lines.

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