Temporary urban "hacks" are restoring life to quiet areas

Most small architecture interventions in cities require a well-trafficked area to actually get implemented. But the enterprising experiments of NO studio, which is a collaboration between Polish designers Magda Szwajcowska and Michal Majewski, brought attention to forgotten corners in the city of Wrocław during the Lower-Silesian Festival of Architecture. It's a reminder that good design can create demand for urban locales as well as control it.

One of the most memorable ‘microinstallations,' which was created for a different festival called ARCHIBOX, was a series of bright-blue sunbeds installed on a little-used embankment staircase on the river Oder. Meanwhile, a modular, multi-use ‘pavilion' called The Base was used as a gathering space and even for spontaneous parkour sessions. The BRAVE festival zone is similarly customizable; passersby can rotate the geometric forms to for a variety of uses and sit, stand or lie down on them.

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