This Athletic Wear Will Monitor Your Heart’s Health

This Athletic Wear Will Monitor Your Heart’s Health

These sportswear garments will alert emergency contacts if wearers show signs of going into cardiac arrest

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 22 june 2016

T-shirts and sports bras that monitor wearers’ heart rates make up the latest line of sportswear to be released from Sensoria, a brand that combines fitness gear with tools that athletes can use to keep track of their health and performance.

The garments will be released with an accompanying app that uses data collected by the “smart clothing” to determine whether the user is about to go into cardiac arrest. The app will then be able to alert friends and family to the danger by sending designated contacts a text message that includes the user’s GPS location data, allowing them to quickly call for help.

Sensoria’s new sportswear concept, which will be marketed in part through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, features built-in electrodes and a clip-on heart rate monitor, and is designed in red and blue colors. The T-shirt will be short-sleeved, and both the shirt and sports bra will be crafted from Emana yarn, which claims to support skin elasticity and prevent muscle fatigue, according to Sensoria.

The Sensoria Fitness app will not only warn users and their loved ones about a potential heart attack by monitoring for cardiac irregularities such as ventricular tachycardia—a rapid heartbeat that can cause death if the beats become irregular—it will also be able to help the wearer train more effectively by providing feedback gleaned through a cardiologist-created algorithm called Heart Sentinel that detects cardiac irregularities.

Pledge opportunities to support the project’s crowdfunding campaign will start at $79 for a heart rate monitor with either a sports bra or a T-shirt. If the sportswear line is funded through Kickstarter, shipping is set to begin in October.

The Sensoria Fitness V2.0 app, which will be compatible with Sensoria’s new line as well as garments the company has previously released, will become available to backers via an advanced beta copy before it becomes available to the public later this year.


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