24-hour timepiece created to reconnect viewers with each moment of their day

Time seems to go by faster every day but it's also the thing most people wish they had more of these days. Designer and filmmaker Scott Thrift reimagined the way we perceive time with the ThePresent, a wall clock that shows a whole year at a glance. His latest invention is Today, a 24-hour timepiece designed to take the edge off of time and reconnect us with each moment of the day.

Unlike a regular clock, it's assembled without numbers and a single hand that moves at half the speed; one full rotation occurs over the course of 24 hours, awarding the viewer with a feeling of having more hours in their day. The timepiece system is assembled in Germany and housed inside a bamboo, glass and steel body handmade in Brooklyn, NY. Its open-face design draws inspiration from clouds passing by from 30,000 ft, with gradient hues symbolizing noon, midnight and everything in between.

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