This thin sticky patch can show you how much sun you're really taking in

Damaging UV can lead to burnt skin or epidermal cancers, and in the summer months becomes a subject of great concern. Cosmetics company L'Oréal has developed a special patch to help people see how many harmful UV rays they are exposed to.

The product, My UV Patch, monitors the amount of sun the wearer is exposed to. Only a few centimeters big and thinner than hair, the person places the adhesive patch on their arm, one of the most sun-exposed parts of the body. The light sensitive dye changes over a period of days, though wearers will need to use the free app (available for Android and iOS) to decipher what the color changes mean. The purpose of the patch is not to tell users when they need to re-apply sunscreen but rather to make them aware of how much sun they are taking in and its potential damage.

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