A new line of clothing encourages conversation around neurological disorders

A former art student hopes to utilize design to create a space for people to talk about mental health. Dani Balenson started a t-shirt collection she named Living With:, of which the initial collection is comprised of designs that represent mental disorders. This includes ADHD, depression, OCD and other common disorders. What started off as a college thesis project is growing to empower those dealing with various issues.

The mission of this collection is to “encourage self-acceptance, change perceptions, and support new conversations about mental health.” Since wearing t-shirts are often reflections of people’s identities, beliefs and interests– these designs are meant to empower people and build community. In addition, every t-shirt purchase includes a direct $2 donation to Active Minds, a nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage those struggling with mental health to seek help and openly talk about these issues.

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