TV Trailer Forces You To Keep Your Eyes Closed

TV Trailer Forces You To Keep Your Eyes Closed

Eye-tracking software forces participants to close their eyes for video clip to progress

Johan Friedner
  • 8 june 2016

Marketing agency Campfire created an immersive trailer experience for Cinemax’s new thriller, Outcast. With a webcam and headphones, viewers can participate in a haunted trailer from their own homes. At certain points in the trailer, the viewer must close their eyes in order for the trailer to progress. The format brings a deeper level of engagement from the participants and rethinks the way ads and trailers are displayed today. While their eyes are open, scenes and 3D audio from the original TV trailer are used.

By The Walking Dead writers, ‘Outcast’ touches on existential issues from a personal to a supernatural level, making it a good fit for this medium. The pilot episode of Outcast was streamed using Facebook as a platform—another example of the show’s creative marketing.


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