Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Old fashioned storerooms get a makeover for the modern traveler in Madrid, Spain

Lara Piras
  • 10 june 2016

Lock & Be Free is a new project from creative agency Wanna One aimed at the urban traveler that finds hauling a suitcase around during city breaks a hindrance they should no longer have to deal with.

The company was commissioned to revamp the existing locker venues in and around Madrid that were somewhat neglected with an uninviting design that included the color gray, narrow corridors and dim lighting. The new locker station is now set up in the capital with its first store near the touristic street Gran Vía, in Calle Jardines, 11. The team is set to launch a chain of new stores scheduled to open in Opera and La Latina throughout summer 2016.

Visitors are able to store luggage that weighs up to 25kg with a private storage room for larger luggage within the 30 m2 space. But the appeal doesn’t stop there. There are mobile chargers, immediate locker booking systems in place both in-store and online, there’s free Wi-Fi access, which is sure to be one of the main hooks and also a printing service for boarding passes.

Lock&be free Madrid2.jpg

In terms of design the environment has been specially created to make visitors of the city feel welcome. The design team have used colors and materials to reflect this ideal such as white peg boards, yellow lockers flanked by a circular font, a typical airport rubber floor and a powerful set of lights, “transmitting a lot of positive energy.”

Lock&be free Madrid3.jpg

Wanna One has created a concept that means travelers can make more of their time when visiting a city. If for example they have a few hours before they have to be at the airport but need to check out of their hotel, they can use that extra time to carry on exploring without the constraints of heavy bags.

The team explains further, “At a glance you can check the weather of the day in the Spanish capital, the average time to get back to the airport and the prices for the provided services. For travelers who go through life lost in translation, Wanna One studio has provided a simple icon-based signposting so travelers can guide themselves on their own and can feel at ease at all times.”

Wanna One

Images: Caulin Photos

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