Used Coffee Grounds Turned Into A Renewable Energy Source

Used Coffee Grounds Turned Into A Renewable Energy Source

A UK-based company recycles excess beans to create advanced biofuels

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 june 2016

UK-based clean tech company bio-bean has industrialized the process of turning used coffee grounds into sustainable biofuels and biochemicals. Bio-bean works within the existing energy and waste infrastructure to develop products and solutions that displace conventional fuels and chemicals.

Last year, the company launched nationwide collection services and opened a waste coffee recycling factory that can process 50,000 tons a year, which is the amount of waste from one in ten cups of coffee drunk in the UK. The company produces biomass pellets and recently introduced Coffee Logs, carbon neutral biomass briquettes that can fuel homes and appliances, such as wood-fire stoves and BBQs. It has also undertaken extensive research and development into the commercial application of biodiesel from waste coffee grounds.


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