Your Facebook Posts Could Soon Be Making You Money

Your Facebook Posts Could Soon Be Making You Money
Social Media

The social media giant is exploring new ways for users to monetize their content

Yi Chen
  • 24 june 2016

Facebook could soon be rolling out a feature that will allow users to receive payments on their personal pages. Being dubbed as a virtual tip jar this product was first noticed by The Verge, who received a Facebook user survey asking a series of questions relating to earning money on the site.

In addition to a tip jar, other options suggested earning money from posting branded content and one-click payment options to purchase tickets or donate to a charity.

Options for users to monetize their posts could spark more curated and shared content. In addition, it would provide another alternative to receive money for products and services.

It’s not the first time the social networking site has explored ways for users to generate money. Previously, Facebook has looked into Facebook Payments and Facebook Credits. Just last year, Facebook rolled out a peer-to-peer payment option in its messaging app but that has not garnered enough traction among users.

The Verge

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