The Container Store has ditched walkie-talkies and opted for a new line of devices to streamline in-store operations

It’s time to ditch the old school walkie-talkies. The Container Store is changing the game when it comes to in-store communication with customers and employees through the use of voice-controlled wearables.

The Container Store is going to roll out its new set of wearables from Theatro, which will be distributed to store employees chain-wide. The storage and container solutions store deems that these new devices will help in streamlining their day-to-day operations, such as improving staff efficiency and in-store operations. Employees can access the inventory without leaving the customer. They can also call on other employees for assistance and have real-time access to their everyday operations data. The hands-free and voice-controlled wearables, if used efficiently, can be the future of customer service.

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