How Wearables Are Bringing Pokémon Into The Real World

How Wearables Are Bringing Pokémon Into The Real World
Augmented & Virtual Reality

The game looks to integrate the iconic videogame creatures into users' actual surroundings

Craig Davis
  • 28 june 2016

Consumer electronics giant Nintendo is bringing its famed Pokémon video game franchise to iOS and Android-powered devices next month with Pokémon Go, a downloadable AR (augmented reality) app that will debut in partnership with an optional wristband that allows for gameplay without opening your phone.

Here’s how it works: while regularly participating in their day-to-day lives, users’ phones will vibrate when a Pokémon is in the vicinity. The character will appear onscreen in the present real-world surroundings of the user, to be caught with a flick of a Pokéball. The variety of Pokémon in a given area depends on attributes such as geographical climate and environment. The app, Nintendo’s second foray into the smartphone space, will be free to download, while the accompanying wristband will cost gamers $35.

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