An art project turns Wi-Fi network names into a broadcast of lines from classical poets

Russian artist Dmitry Morozov is bringing poetry to where there was little before: to your Wi-Fi's network name (aka your router's SSID). Hotspot Poets are a set of four micro-transmitters, each programmed to broadcast lines from one of four classical poets: Japanese Bashō, German Goeth, Russian Pasternak and Italian Petrarch.

Each “hotspot” – a small, plastic box – has a QR-scannable print of each poet's face on the front. The hotspot holds a copy of the poet's collected works, a micro-processor, and of course, a Wi-Fi transmitter. Switch one on, and the poet will start broadcasting new Wi-Fi channels to any devices within the vicinity of a few meters. Each network name is a line of poetry (couplets and stanzas), and the line changes every 10 seconds. You won't actually be able to connect to any of these networks, but you'll be able to see them in your available Wi-Fi networks list.

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