Patrick Commecy relies on the perspective-altering "trompe l'oeil" painting technique to achieve the mesmerizing effect

French street artist Patrick Commecy, together with his design company A-Fresco, travels throughout the country in search of drab city walls he can transform into dynamic images of everyday life through the use of ‘trompe l’oeil,' a clever painting method that tricks the mind into creating optical illusions of realistic activity.

Commecy, who is based out of Eyzin-Pinet, a small town near Lyon, has been practicing and perfecting his craft since 1978. The murals often depict scenes of imaginary commotion, featuring people standing on balconies and leaning out of windows. Said the artist to the Daily Mail, the creations “enrich the cultural heritage of a city and become tourist attractions in their own right.”

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