The Paris Opera Ballet has started using custom-made figures to create better costumes and cut down on fittings

Crafting handmade outfits and costumes on a mannequin can be tricky, especially since bodies rarely fit the uniform standard of a mannequin. As a result, the designers of the Paris Opera Ballet have found a way to make crafting these pieces a lot easier by creating mannequins that fit the dimensions of their dancers.

There are several challenges when dressing the over 150 dancers in the company with new looks every season, including several fittings to test for shape, color under the stage lights, and movement. Xavier Ronze, the ballet’s chef du service couture of the Paris Opera Ballet, came up with a better idea when he went to a trade show outside of Paris. He became acquainted with apparel business consultants Alvanon and their 3D-scanned mannequins, and with the help of Janice Wang, Alvanon’s chief executive, the mannequins were made for free for the company.

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