5 Minutes With Mobile Messaging’s Leading Lady [FoA]

5 Minutes With Mobile Messaging’s Leading Lady [FoA]

Vivian Rosenthal of Snaps shares her predictions for mobile messaging at PSFK's Future of Advertising event in NYC

  • 8 july 2016

Emojis, chatbots and messaging stickers—as audience interest in mobile messaging skyrockets, brands and technology providers are investigating how to best enter the space. Hailing from a background in advertising, technology and entrepreneurship, Snaps founder Vivian Rosenthal is primely poised to help companies navigate a communication movement where users send over 50 billion messages daily. Her company, Snaps, which develops messaging keyboards and bots for brand and celebrity clients, has crafted some of the world’s most popular applications, including Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji and Dove’s curly-haired emoji series.

At PSFK’s Future of Advertising event in New York City on July 12, Rosenthal will share insights on how to create branded messaging tools that help users share their emotions and experiences while keeping the brand top-of-mind. We caught up with Vivian to hear her perspective on the mobile messaging world and her prediction of what’s to come at PSFK’s Future of Advertising event.

Join PSFK in New York on Tuesday July 12, 2016 for an inspirational morning session that explores the changing realities of the advertising industry. PSFK’s Future of Advertising workshop is designed to guide attendees through action-oriented solutions that drive consumer interest, engagement and loyalty.

PSFK: Snaps creates both keyboards and chatbots for the world’s leading brands. How do you advise clients on the best method to interact with their audience through messaging? 

Vivian Rosenthal: It really depends on what a brand’s goals are in the messaging space. Keyboards and iMessage apps (which will launch in September) enable peer-to-peer conversations and interactions while chatbots empower 1-to-1 conversations between the brand and the consumer.

PSFK: How do you ensure that Snaps’ products support, rather than interrupt, people’s conversations?

VR: By default, messaging augments people’s conversations because it’s all opt-in. Other advertising mediums are considered interruptive (such as banner ads and pre-roll) whereas messaging is something you choose to do!

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PSFK: What excites you the most about the messaging evolution in the next five years?

VR: The integration of AI into the messaging space.

PSFK: Can you give us a teaser about the ideas you’ll cover at PSFK’s Future of Advertising event?

VR: Facebook Messenger chatbots, iOS 10 iMessage apps, branded emojis and GIG keyboards.

Shaped by changing audience habits and evolving industry practice, the PSFK Future of Advertising presents a playbook of consumer engagement strategies to transform digital advertising into rich interaction between brand and audience. Download the full report here and grow inspired by attending our upcoming event in NYC on July 12, 2016.

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