The convenience store partners with Flirtey to make the first at-home drone delivery in the United States

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven has partnered with drone delivery start-up Flirtey to deliver a slew of snacks ranging from Slurpees to donuts to hot coffee to a family's home in Reno, Nevada.

Based in Reno, Flirtey doesn't re-appropriate already-built drones. Instead, the start-up develops the software and the hardware on its own, and has even created its own shipping containers to keep the goods secure while they're being delivered mid-air.

Perfect for both parents with sick children who need medications brought to them, as well as those who are perhaps too lazy to leave the house for a snack, drone delivery provides an extra layer of convenience for when we might need it the most. While most people tend to think of 7-Eleven as physical corner-stores peppering our streets, this partnership shows the possibility for chains like 7-Eleven to expand beyond the simple brick-and-mortar space and into the skies to offer the best in customer service.

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