She-moji is the emoji keyboard that celebrates women from all backgrounds

Emojis continue to reign in the world of e-messages. There’ something about those tiny images that speak louder than words. Inspired by the ubiquitous use of emojis, a group of women decided to create She-moji, an emoji keyboard comprised of over 400 emojis of women from diverse cultural backgrounds engaging in different activities and professions.

The founders believe that the standard emoji set puts women in a small box. For example, for female emojis currently available, there is one of a princess. On the other hand, the detective and police officer emojis are males. This is confusing given that the number of females who hold the profession of a princess is significantly smaller than the number of those within law enforcement. Luckily, She-moji provides the option of choosing a girl (from multiple skin tones) as a police officer, doctor and more.

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