This Photo App Puts Instagram Filters To Shame

This Photo App Puts Instagram Filters To Shame

Prisma is a new program that uses AI to transform your photos into pieces of art

Jiwon Kim
  • 18 july 2016

The high number of photo apps out in the world make it difficult for one to stand out. Surprisingly, a new AI photo app is rising above the rest because it turns any photo into a work of art. Unlike other apps, Prisma is a hit because it does not just apply a filter over a photo, it actually utilizes AI and neural networks to turn photos into their very own masterpiece in the style of famous artists.

All one has to do is take a photo, get it nicely cropped in the app and then select a style. A few of the styles available are Munch’s “The Scream,” in the style of Munch, of course, and “Tokyo,” commemorating Hokusai’s famous work.

prisma 2

Each transformation only takes a few seconds to complete. The images are stunning and even though they are obviously not of the same quality as their artistic counterparts, they remain striking enough to incentivize their sharing across all social platforms.


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