How To Amplify Your Company’s Communication Using AI

How To Amplify Your Company’s Communication Using AI

Textio utilizes data and learning loops to help hiring leads write the right words

Jiwon Kim
  • 6 july 2016

The digital era has opened up boundless potential for businesses and individuals. However, the rapidly expanding field of tech has made it more difficult for decision makers and prospective employees to navigate their way through the landscape, particularly when it comes to recruiting, hiring and employing the right talent. To help teams hire better candidates with greater efficiencies, Textio is an automated service that helps businesses improve communication to attract applicants. The platform, powered by AI, uses data-driven insights to give its client an upper-hand in capturing capturing the attention of the most qualified candidates.

This month, PSFK is exploring the theme of Intimate AI, or artificial intelligence that becomes more sophisticated and integrated into the devices that we use everyday. To explore how such systems are becoming more attuned with our individual needs and personalities, PSFK caught up with Textio CEO and Co-Founder Kieran Snyder to hear her thoughts on how AI is deeply integrated into Textio’s services and the rest of the world.


PSFK: Can you explain how AI powers the Textio service?

Kieran Snyder: Textio is quantitatively focused, employing a combination of natural language processing, data mining, and an unusual machine-learning loop. Based on a growing foundation of millions of job posts with performance outcomes attached, Textio’s engine is constantly scanning its data to find patterns. For example, what communication patterns predict that a job will be filled more quickly or slowly?

Then, as you’re writing a job post, Textio compares your language to the most successful listings in your industry and shows you how it stacks up. For everything you write, Textio can see what you mean and rapidly generates alternative phrases to find ones that will statistically perform better.

Why is automation important to recruitment and hiring? How will this impact employees/employers?

Even the best writers work with intuition rather than data, and we know that insights from data means your writing will perform better. If you can recruit using the cumulative intelligence of the entire hiring community rather than just relying on your intuitions, you will statistically hire better, faster and with more diversity.

How does AI turn someone into a better writer without taking away his or her voice?

Textio actually takes your own voice and amplifies it. We like to say that Textio makes you the best possible version of yourself. Obviously, if all job posts ended up looking the same, none of them would perform especially well. Job listings also perform best when the hiring manager’s authentic voice is included, so we specifically designed Textio as a collaborative platform. It works within the context of your own particular communication style to suggest edits that will make your own voice perform better.

What kind of data is collected and how is it leveraged in building Textio’s language-analysis database?

The core of Textio’s predictive engine is its data. At its most essential, this is text from job posts and their associated performance outcomes. Textio’s engine learns the communication patterns that predict these various outcomes, and is constantly updating those learnings as new data is added. We also see how the effectiveness of certain phrases shifts slowly over time as society changes, which is something that is difficult for people to see on their own.

How do you think computer intelligence will influence the future of the workforce?

Any learning loop technology essentially widens the gap between people inside the learning loop network and people outside it. If you’re inside the loop, you can take advantage of the experiences and intelligence of everyone else inside the loop. If you’re outside the loop, you’re operating with data that is just too limited to complete. Textio is just one place in the enterprise where learning loops are taking over. We know that people inside the Textio loop already fill roles 17% faster than people outside it. Across business scenarios, people will come to expect to be supported by pervasive learning loops and community intelligence.


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