In contrast to the popularity of Pokémon Go, a Dutch artist has created a low-tech version to inject some fun into people's daily travels

Since the release of Pokémon Go, the world has changed. People are spending more time outside in search of rare, wild Pokémon. It's become such a prolific event that businesses have begun using it in their marketing schemes and police have issued Pokémon Go-specific safety warnings. Perhaps the most prolific aspect of Pokémon Go's presence is a noted shift toward the acceptance of augmented reality (AR). In the past few years, AR has tried to make its name in the tech world, but people haven't seemed ready for it just yet. Now that we've seen the wild success of Pokémon Go, it's fairly obvious that digital developers can be successful using AR as long as they have the right product. For one digital artist in Amsterdam, that AR product is a little less digitally inclined, but it's still a lot of fun for commuters. Daniel Disselkoen, a digital artist who works for the creative agency Headmade, decided commuters needed a better way to entertain themselves while commuting to work every day and that the municipal transport would be the perfect place to apply it.

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