Dutch Brewer Launches Rainwater Beer

Dutch Brewer Launches Rainwater Beer

An Amsterdam brewer is taking the abundance of rain water and creating a brand new type of beverage

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 july 2016

For some places in the world, it feels like it never stops raining. One brewery has decided to put the natural national resource to good use by using it to create rainwater beer. Amsterdam-based brewery Brouwerij de Prael will premiere “Hemelswater,” translated as “Heaven’s Water” beer.

A 5.7% blond beer, similar to an IPA, its creation was in part inspired by an environmental initiative called Amsterdam Rainproof, which aims to increase the city’s sponge capacity. The brewers collected a thousand liters of water, put it through bacterial filtration system and boiled it before using it to make this new beer.

Co-founder Joris Hoebe tells The Guardian that the beer came from the city’s many rainy days:

“We get lousy summers and a lot of rain. As a hobby, I was also brewing beer and noticed you need a lot of water. I was thinking, why don’t we put these two together: the abundance of rainwater and the need for water to brew beer?”

The beer with be available for €2 a bottle in several bars around Amsterdam, though Hoebe says that they plan to expand the enterprise next year.

Brouwerij de Prael

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