The unique exhibition is on display at the Smithsonian's recently reopened Renwick Gallery

Artist Jennifer Angus collects insects and uses them to create beautifully patterned wallpapers, such as her most recent exhibition at the Smithsonian's recently reopened Renwick Gallery.

Angus acquires most of her specimen from a Belgian bug dealer. To create the pinned insects, she hydrates the bug bodies to make them easier to manipulate into interesting shapes on the wall.

She saves the specimen after her exhibits end, keeping some for up to fifteen years. Angus told Atlas Obscura that the inspiration for her insect art came from a “singing shawl” she discovered in Thailand, which was  decorated with beetle wings. Since then, she's worked with insects that range from “pretty” butterflies to phasmatodea (insects that have adapted to resemble plants, sticks and leaves).

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