This Beer Is Perfected Through Artificial Intelligence

This Beer Is Perfected Through Artificial Intelligence

IntelligentX Beer refines its own recipe based on Facebook Messenger feedback

Andrew Conrad
  • 27 july 2016

Meet the world’s first beer crafted by artificial intelligence: IntelligentX. To create the perfect batch, the London-based brewing company behind the project collects customer feedback through a Facebook Messenger bot then inputs that information into an algorithm to tweak the beer’s recipe.

IntelligentX cofounders Hew Leith and Rob McInerney are the two collaborators on the project.  “We take all the choices: the ingredients, the methods and so on, and put that in a data structure that the AI understands,” said McInerney.

intelligent x brewers.jpg

IntelligentX affectionately calls its algorithm ABI for Automatic Brewing Intelligence. IntelligentX beers are brewed in four varieties — golden, amber, pale and black — though it is unclear how curious drinkers can get their hands on a bottle. A cryptic message on the company’s website reads: “Our IntelligentX beer comes in exclusive ‘pirate black’ bottles and is available in extremely limited editions for those that know how to find it…”

Those who are interested can sign up with an email address at

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