The latest single from Cassius allows viewers to change out the actors in real time to show how love is everywhere

The music video medium is known for its experimentation, and with the advance of technology, it’s only gotten more daring. French music duo Cassius’ video for their single “The Missing” is making headlines for allowing viewers to change the actors at will.

Directed by We Are From L.A, the entire video can be played by going to the single’s website. There is little in the way of narrative, save for a couple kissing in and around the site of a helicopter crash. Throughout the video, the cursor will change from a smiley face to one with arrows when the ability to swap actors in real time is available. You can only change the two actors who are the couple, though there are 20 people to choose from, including interracial and LGBTQ pairings. According to the artists, the music video is to show that there is one love for all, a theme highlighted by the intimacy and romance displayed by the various actors.

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