The fashion house highlights the work and craftsmanship that goes into designing each unique garment

Luxury fashion design house Chanel brought the studio’s atelier to its latest couture show to showcase not just the latest collection, but the fashion house’s actual seamstresses at work. Designer Karl Lagerfeld ensured that the atelier—also known as the petite mains—was accurate down to details: dummies, mirrors, rolls of fabric, pins and patterns and designs hung along the walls.

The seamstresses worked while models strutted down the aisle in their elaborate creations. “They never get to see the show, and they should be honored,” Lagerfeld told the New York Times. The designer ended the show by inviting two chief couturiers on the final walk (rather than supermodels who represent the house as usual). “Without a great atelier, you cannot make a collection,” Lagerfeld said.

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