Charge Your Phone While Taking Your Baby For A Walk

Charge Your Phone While Taking Your Baby For A Walk

This stroller incorporates electricity-generating technology to aid busy parents

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 26 july 2016

Parenting product company 4moms has unveiled the 4moms Moxi, a stroller that is capable of generating electricity while it’s being pushed, letting you charge your phone while they’re on the go.

The stroller, which will ship in October and cost $699.99, is being billed as a streamlined follow-up to the brand’s more expensive Origami stroller, which has a bulkier frame. The Moxi stroller allows users to view their trip history, track their calories burned while walking and adjust the stroller’s settings on an accompanying 4moms app.

Moxi stroller

In addition to charging a phone, the energy generated by the Moxi stroller is also used to power its headlights and taillights. With a seat that weighs seven pounds and a frame that weighs 22, the stroller may be on the heavy side for some parents, but the high-tech features may make the trade-off worthwhile.

4moms Moxi stroller

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