Share your corporate experiences in our survey and earn a PSFK Debrief

Calling all freelancers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees: PSFK’s forthcoming report will deep dive into the talent and development landscape to identify the conditions and qualities that cultivate tomorrow’s leaders in the workplace. To bolster and broaden the content in our report, PSFK Labs has developed the PSFK Workforce Study 2016 to gauge our community’s perspective on attitudes and trends manifesting in the workplace.

Participants may be full-time or part-time employees, freelancers, independent contractors or entrepreneurs. The answers provided will support original statistical analysis within the report. Those who complete the entire survey will earn a free download of a PSFK Debrief. For a complete list of PSFK Debriefs available upon completion, review the Debrief selection on the PSFK Report Page. (Please allow for up to one week after survey completion to receive the download file. ) 

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