A Dating App Just For Anti-Brexit Voters

A Dating App Just For Anti-Brexit Voters

An app seeks to connect those who voted against Britain leaving the EU

Jiwon Kim
  • 8 july 2016

The Brexit decision has clearly left the United Kingdom in turmoil. Understandably so, as young voters lament over the fact that they are the ones that will have to live (longer) with the decision. In an effort to cheer the anti-Brexit group up, two voters banded together and created a dating app called Remainder.

Remainder is for voters who wanted Britain to remain in the European Union and are currently searching for love.

The founders say it started as a joke because all their Facebook friends seemed so depressed. However, the growing number of signups have turned this joke into a real possibility. The founders are relying on Crowdfunder to get their financial needs met to get this app up and running.

Anti-Brexit Remainder-2-NonUK.png

Although it does seem like a silly concept, the tense political climate and an uncertain future make politics an unavoidable subject on dates. Remainder potentially create beautiful connections between people disheartened by the world of politics.


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