A creative set out on a journey across the Alps as an animal, complete with false prosthetics and a goatherd

In his new book GoatMan: How I took a Holiday from Being Human, designer Thomas Thwaites did exactly what the title sounds like. In its pages, he chronicles the inherent angst of human life and how he escaped it by turning into an all-together different creature.

While the entire idea sounds ridiculous, the book merges fields like psychology, science and engineering to make his dream come true. For starters, he had to walk on four feet. Purpose-built prosthetics were made. His clothes made him a convincing goat and a prosthetic, “grass-friendly” stomach completed the get-up. He worked hard to practice how to move like a goat and survive in a natural environment, but with the odd prosthetics, it was tough. Because Thwaites wanted to be as true to the experience as possible, he decided to eat only grass, boiled over campfire to be digestible.

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