The audio company has released a customizable cube with step-by-step instructions to create a working speaker

On a mission to help young ones ‘discover how [their] world works,’ BOSEbuild is headphone giant Bose’s first entry into the educational space. Spearheading this movement is the company’s BOSEbuild Speaker Cube, a customizable cube with step-by-step instructions to help kids build their own speaker system.

Available for $149, the move represents an experimental branching out for the company in a time when STEM education is growing at an increasingly fast pace.

The Speaker Cube offers all of the standard Bluetooth functionality (assuming everything goes where it’s supposed to), including the customizable colored lights and covers. At its competitive price, it may not be the best quality available on the market, but the ability to say “I built this” is sure to attract some attention among educators and DIYers alike.

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