DIY Surveillance Tool Lets You Spy On Conversations By Making Them GIFs

DIY Surveillance Tool Lets You Spy On Conversations By Making Them GIFs
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A new kit lets you take on the role of spy in a lighthearted and humorous way

Ivanha Paz
  • 22 july 2016

Danish design agency Rebel Agency partnered with Great Works CPH to develop a new DIY spy kit which turns recorded conversations into GIFs. Stemming from the premise that if the government and other platforms have access to surveillance tools then everyone should, they have created “I see U,” a surveillance gadget for mainstream use.

After assembling the device with the included Raspberry Pi 3, parabolic microphone, and touch screen, it is able to record the words of those it’s pointed at, and then use the transcript as search terms on the GIPHY database, a renowned GIF search engine. The result is a replica of the conversation made up entirely of related GIFS. In truth, it is quite difficult to discern the literal meaning of the conversation as the GIFS act only as a funny interpretation. “I see U” is not meant for the actual purpose of spying on others, but to raise awareness on the current issue privacy infringements pose on our society.

I See U DIY  Spy Kit
This unconventional spy kit will be released July 29 during Trailerpark I/O, Rebel Agency’s annual arts and design conference in Copenhagen. The idea is to open up a dialogue as well as fuel curiosity regarding the scope of surveillance we are all subject to. Companies are able to monitor Internet use, shopping habits, demographics, and all the other components one may find on the Facebook advertisement audience creation tool.

I See U DIY Surveillance
“I see U” uses technology to establish the potential dangers associated with the ability to ‘spy’ on others, as well as pose the important question of boundaries, in a lighthearted and humorous way. As stated in the product page, “we have the right to know how, why, where and by whom” our data is being used.

You can sign up to preorder this gadget here. No price has been set as of publication date.

Rebel Agency | Great Works CPH

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