The CEO outlines a closer integration with SolarCity, broadening the EV product line to include full automation and shared fleets

Elon Musk, the owner and CEO of the California-based electric car and battery maker authored a post on the company blog detailing the automaker’s overall strategy for the next several years. A previous post, published in 2006, similarly detailed a strategy which shall see its completion in the eminent mass market delivery of the Tesla Model 3.

Musk laid out a four-pronged plan for the future of electric and autonomous vehicles:

In order to better package PowerWall and solar energy capture products, Tesla will be merging with SolarCity. Tesla will be expanding its electric vehicle product line with two consumer (compact SUV and pickup) and two commercial (semi truck and bus) offerings. Tesla will work to continue improving its autopilot function with the ultimate goal of fully self-driven vehicles becoming the standard. Musk estimates it will take roughly six billion miles completed at 10X safer than the U.S.,  average to clear the necessary regulatory hurdles. Not only will full automation free up time for drivers while in their cars, it will also enable your Tesla to make money for you the 90-95% of the time you’re not in it by joining autonomous rideshare fleets.

Musk’s typically ambitious plan provides a dizzying glimpse of a more sustainable energy future as well as a strikingly different road culture.

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