1000 hoods were connected together to create a semicircular lightweight mobile building

Japan-based Kooo Architects were commissioned to create a mobile store for a fashion designer's world tour. They decided to use the building's design to send a message to the world about the issue of earthquakes in Japan and their proposed solution to this problem for the construction industry.

Kooo Architects customized 1,000 permeable disaster prevention hoods, used for protection in the country, connecting them together to build a semicircular store with a diameter of 8 meters and a height of 4 meters. The structure is lightweight and can easily be dismantled and self-built. To maintain the soft curves of the hoods on the dome, the architects avoided adding any rigid structural material to their edges to make the frame structure and used BREATHAIR (a soft cushioned material) to connect the hoods together with waterproof zippers and magnets.

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