Five Freedoms To Unlock Innovation

Five Freedoms To Unlock Innovation

The Innovation Debrief: Boston teaches that in order for innovation to thrive, entrepreneurs must be given the liberty to do so

  • 28 july 2016

Every company seems to have its own recipe to unlock innovation: software company Atlassian has ShipIt Days while fin-tech company Intuit and materials manufacturer 3M both have encouraged unstructured time. The thing all these programs have in common is providing people with the resources and freedoms to pursue their passions. In researching the Innovation Debrief: Boston which highlights the city’s innovation, PSFK identified five freedoms that are necessary to the conception, creation and pursuit of innovation.

  • Freedom To Assemble – Create spaces that encourage the free trade of ideas between diverse industries.
  • Freedom Of Resources – Encourage free access to knowledge, equipment, and financial resources.
  • Freedom To Experiment – Favor prototyping in the field with rapid iteration in lieu of launching a perfect product.
  • Freedom Of Speech – Offer users the tools to provide immediate feedback.
  • Freedom To Reject Tradition – Give people permission to start from scratch.

By ensuring these freedoms are protected, organizations from startups to government agencies can help foster a culture of innovation and maybe even launch the next revolutionary idea in their field.

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The Innovation Debrief: Boston offers a cheatsheet of inventive business concepts and new creations born in Boston. Sitting at the confluence of industry and academia, the city has become a hotbed of innovation across industries. The debrief covers innovation in the retail, health and wellness, education, civic, and the startup sectors and outlines lessons the city offers to inspire innovation elsewhere. Download the report today to discover the best Boston has to offer.

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