On July 12 at PSFK’s Future of Advertising NYC, Andy Goldberg will share how GE creates content to inspire all audiences

Join PSFK in New York this Monday July 12, 2016 for an inspirational half-day session that explores the changing realities of the advertising industry. PSFK’s Future of Advertising is designed to guide attendees through action-oriented solutions that drive consumer interest, engagement and loyalty.

As the landscape of marketing continues to evolve, companies must stay ahead of the curve and keep growing to redefine their brands. The task is no easy feat for decades-old companies such as Microsoft and Google, but what if your brand is a 100-year-old company, having been a pioneer in a range of industries wide enough to include healthcare, locomotives, the home and energy? With a legacy stemming from Thomas Edison himself, GE is a company that must balance its brand history with new marketing strategies.

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