In response to the Cannes Lions Festival, a new project gives unmade or partial ideas an opportunity to become their own award

To come up with a great idea, one must go through a series of bad ideas first. But this doesn’t mean one has to bury those bad ideas in the past (or in the garbage bin). Instead, why not turn them into Paper Lions?

Art Director Dave Ruiz created Paper Lions, an award for ‘ideas that could have been' and it totally makes sense. Ideas are the product of a hardworking mind and whether they’re good or bad, you should keep a memento of them. What you’ll usually see in a trash bin or as a paper burnt to the ground can now be a DIY artwork on your desk. These paper lions are quite easy to make and the paper template is free to download. So, never forget your failed ideas and give yourself an award for every bad one that's stemmed from your tireless mind.

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