The new travel site lets visitors select the exact room to align with whatever needs their trip requires

GLH Hotels, a British-based global hotel operator, has added a new level of customization to the room booking process for guests electing to stay at one of their 14 London-based properties: the option of choosing a particular room within each hotel.

By visiting, travelers have the opportunity to choose a preferred room based on categories such as ‘for business,' ‘for families,' ‘on a budget' or ‘with a view.' Each specific offering on the site also allows users to compare a room’s layout, amenities and floor plan, with reviews from previous occupants included for reference. GLH spent over a year testing the technology with thousands of consumers, reworking the platform into the system it is today. Says GLH CMO Colin Roy, “97% of people were saying they would use this service again. 97% (…) would recommend this to their friends to use.”

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