A concept machine transforms the waste produced in the coffee-making process into fertilizer

Americans consume close to 587 million cups of coffee a day, and world coffee consumption in a year can total around 150.2 million bags. Just 0.2% of the bean is consumed in a cup of coffee, so what happens with what’s left? An innovative coffee machine concept called Hifa gives coffee grounds a second life as mushroom fertilizer.

The top half of the unit works like a regular French press with a double-walled vessel body to reduce heat dissipation and keep coffee hot longer. The bottom compartment collects the leftover coffee grounds. Adding mycelium (fungus roots) and a sprinkle of water creates an ideal environment for mushrooms like Oyster and Shiitake to grow. After about 20 days, the opening in the Hifa should be brimming with mushrooms ready to be used for cooking.

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